Saturday, August 4, 2007

Training to keep in shape..

How do you P.T.?
I am not asking about pitching tents, polishing thrones or pushing tortoises. I am curious about your physical training regimen.
I have a very close friend, as I am sure many of you do(have close friends that is), getting deployed to the War in the middle east. He is currently at Pendleton being briefed and training. Upon returning he will join us and our quest in Real Estate with Paris911. During our chit chat he was telling me about a typical day, the first thing he spoke about was P.T. That brought back memories of the Police Academy and the morning air as it was burning inside of our lungs while the P.T. staff was pushing us without effort.
The edge that you get when keeping in some semblance of shape is priceless.
It has an effect on your well-being that manifests itself in all areas of your life.
I am nothing special, in-fact I have a hard time pushing myself day after day to get up 1 hour earlier to get my "swoll" on. (Police Vernacular for working out) But I do it for several simple reasons. I want to be able to play with my kids without breaking, I want to spend active times with Paris without having to catch up, I want to bend over and pick up a piece of trash without straining my back, I want to be able to keep up with a bunch of 5 year olds while I coach soccer, without having to go to the doctor. I want to die of "old age" going as long as I can without any managed care.
1995, 3 broken ribs, a fractured hip and severe concussion. 2004 two ruptured disks L5 and S1. 2005 A Level 4 tear in the meniscus left knee. <- I was blessed to recover from these injuries without the need for surgery. Now please don't get me wrong, medical treatment definitely has it place. I was able to obtain a higher level of conditioning than even before the above Police Motorcycle crashes with determination and dedication.
If I can do it, day in and day out, you can also. I don't care if you haven't up to this point. Make this your proverbial line in the sand and start moving. Go for a walk in the morning. First Thing, set your alarm for 1 hour before you normally do, get your shoes, socks and clothing ready the night before. When the alarm goes off, jump, or crawl from bed and hit your face with some cold water, put on your stuff and get out of your front door. If you are only able to walk to the end of your driveway before getting out of breath. Then no problem, when it comes to day 2 of "the rest of your life", then go a bit farther etc. Before you know it you will not be looking back but forward as everything in your life-relationships improve.
A funny side effect of working out on a regular basis. You tend not to eat as much. You start to question what you put in your mouth. Your self-esteem starts to improve. You realize that only 1% of the people work out on a regular basis and that is the figure of people that can loose weight successfully and keep it off.
YOU CAN DO IT!!!! As Yoda said, "Try, Try not, either do or do not." Lets DO!!!