Friday, January 25, 2008

Connor MacIVOR – Re/MAX of Santa Clarita – Homes Magazine

Thank you for asking me to be interviewed related to my Real Estate business and my associations with Paris911
and RE/Max of Santa Clarita and RE/Max of Valencia. It is truly my honor and I hope that I can be of inspiration to someone that is looking for a home or wanting to sell a real estate property.

To be of help and provide support for others involved in this Real Estate Industry in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond, is also something that I strive for. I am not a Real Estate Coach, but I am always supportive and positive.

Please give me a call if I can help you and please check out my Homes Magazine Interview:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

REMAX of Santa Clarita

I am very thankful to have signed up with RE/MAX of Santa Clarita. Even though we are considered independent contractors, the security, legal updates, and a strong training schedule are totally advantageous when it comes to working in the Real Estate venue. More importantly are the Owners of the Companies. So, as it has been told to me by a training officer I had over 17 years ago, "Pick wisely - Horsefly".

I did and check out what RE/MAX of Santa Clarita is all about - The top reign in the Santa Clarita Valley when it comes to Real Estate - But don't let me tell you, do some driving around this beautiful valley that I call home and see how many RE/MAX signs there are. You will also see quite a few of them with my name plastered on homes for sale in Santa Clarita as well.

When you have time and want to look for homes and not be bothered by having to register your name or any of your personal information, then check out and see how our Google Search Engine for Real Estate works. I was impressed when I chose this product to offer my clients, past, present and future, so that all of you could look without having to be hasseled. You will call when you are ready to ask questions, make decisions, or buy Real Estate. Just Google Connor MacIVOR to find more about me and our Paris911 branding.