Monday, September 29, 2008

Coit Towers in San Francisco

Re/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/mAX of Valencia is out of town on a bit of Painful Business - I hate funerals. But Here is a bit of sunshine that is on Coit Towers on San Francisco which we are viewing from the Hilton in the Financial District - Awesome - Thanks to Dennis Russel who is retired San Francisco Police Department - He always is an unbelieveable help to us when we come to San Francisco. He is the head of security and have never had any problems with his heading up security.

Miss you all - Connor MacIVOR

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Beautiful day in SFO.

"Connor with Honor",

Connor MacIVOR

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Pier 39

"Connor with Honor",

Connor MacIVOR

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818.282.5772 ~direct

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Castaic CA Home for Sale - 28731 Ponderosa St.

Awesome Awesome home located in Castaic CA - This beautiful Entertainer's home is located in the Prestigious

Hillcrest Community of Castaic

in the Eagle Crest Tract which is less than 10 years old. This

oversized 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home has been

completely upgraded and the Landscaping and Back Yard Additions are

breath taking. With so much attention

to detail by the current owners related to each and every well thought

out addition - you will quickly see that the

asking price is completely justified. Here are some of the interior

Upgrades: Wooden Shutters, Blinds and Accordion shades, Mirrored

Closet Doors and Custom Inserts, French Doors, Kohler Fluer Sinks,

Delta Faucets, Crown Moulding, Custom Paint, American Standard Sinks,

Ceiling Fans, Custom Doors throughout, Fire Place can burn wood or

gas, and Custom Built in Bookcase - Wait until you see what has been

done to the back yard with its Stone Fire Pit, Sitting Area, UV

Covered Patio and Hot Tub with superior Landscaping - This is turn key

and is walking distance to some of the best schools in the Santa

Clarita Valley.

Offered by Re/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia htto://, and of course at all of our Media Resources that are all about Santa Clarita Real Estate - and to find True Home Value -

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San Francisco Real Estate Owned and Foreclosures

I am not sure there are any in a city that has a 3% vacancy rate. But you can sure bet that the Santa Clarita Valley and the other Areas' we serve are quite plump with Foreclosures and other Real Estate Owned Properties -

I am watching as agents are scurrying to get REO accounts and build their business in these hard times by representing the banks. There is a lot that is required to do such a thing. Furthermore, those accounts are built on relationships. If you did not build a regular "client" based business on relationships. Those agents probably do not have those types of connections at this time during this REO Market.

However, all it not lost - Keep pushing forward and never neglect your sphere of influence or what you have built to date - BTW, SFO 9/28/2008 - about 0930am. From the Hilton on Kerney St. Financial District - 25th Floor. We brought Mom along with our kids while Paris and I took care of some personal business. I hate funerals - there is never anything happy about them. And they always HURT!!!

Don't Forget Mom - for everything Real Estate - Whoops, almost forgot - Have you seen the Kinetic Solutions and Kinetic Knowledge 2.0 Blog Platform - - If you want this - call me and I will tell you what I think. I believe in this product and I am not in any way related or have any business connection with Kristen or Chris - besides what you see - I have a couple of Blog Platforms that they have built for me and I know what this product is capable of - Sorry for the Tangent - Talk with you soon... Connor MacIVOR and Paris MacIVOR with Re/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia - 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381 - We are all abour your real estate Needs!!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What does this mean? Saugus California!

I often find things to be funny as was this. I was doing some shopping at Albertaons in Saugus California as I am waiting for our eldest to get out of TyRoung Tae Kwon Do(so). I observed this sign burned out in the way you see pictured. Is this a sign?

They are all around us and I would suggest for everyone to take the time to stop and smell the coffee from time to time.

My most sincere blessings to all and thank you for following and listening to my Utterz or now utterly!!

I am Connor and you can see us and what we have to offer you at ReMax of Santa Clarita at

(800)760-6911 direct.

"Connor with Honor",

Connor MacIvor

661.400.1720 ~direct

818.282.5772 ~direct

310.990.8475 ~direct

805.338.0161 ~direct

800.760.6911 ~T/F direct

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How to Purchase a REO or Foreclosure Property.

As REO agents we have our finger on the pulse of the Asset Managers.

So when we place properties on the MLS that are Bank Owned

Foreclosures, usually those properties are under market value. There

is several checks and balances that prove the previous statement -

Multiple Broker Price Opinions (one done by the REO Agent or someone

that is associated with them) and of course a full blown appraisal.

Knowing this going in and educating your clients will best serve both

masters. Furthermore make sure that you explain to your client if a

REO property shows active that may not be the case. There is a "lull"

period between the time a REO is placed on the market and the time

frame that the Bank is Overwhelmed with the Hundreds of other files it

is actively working on. Furthermore, there is the approval and

choosing process which takes time. We submit as we receive. But that

is not ordinarily the case.

What is also not ordinarily the case is we call back when incomplete

packages are submitted as offers on our REO properties. That is very

time consuming and most REO agents, I dare to say, as we represent

buyers as well, do not have the same courtesy in place.

What does it take to have a complete package? Explain this to your

client during your initial consultation to best educate and let them

know how this will help limit their frustration.

Submit A Complete Package:

Approval or Pre-Qualification letter - From the REO Agent's lender as

well (this is a necessary step due to the Escrow Failing and those

attempting to purchase the property is so dependent on the REO Agent

themselves. There is a lot of Accountability in place so do this and

explain it to your client as a checks and balances for the Bank and of

no offence to them)

Proof of Funds even in your client is FHA

Fico Scores (this would help - but you can mark out any confidential

information regarding Social Security Numbers etc.)

Copy of the Deposit Check

Legible copy of the Purchase Contract (many banks are paperless or

going paperless)

Type the Purchase Contract if you are able - This help will the final

paperless product

After this package is submitted verify receipt. We utilize a Fax

obtained by Freedom Voice Systems. This is a clean way and it gets

uploaded and e-mailed to me, Paris and Jamie our office assistant.

If the REO is worth their salt the verification should be completed

within 24 hours.

Then it is now time to wait.

Also inform your client that is it not necessarily the case to find

out within normal "human" seller time frames and to be patient.

Furthermore, it is actually against the law to reveal the offers that

are received and have been submitted with regard to terms and purchase

price. Plus besides the "Legal" issue - It is very unethical.

Explain that there are others interested in REO's and that they

deserve just as much of a chance obtain this property as your client.

Education is the name of the game when it comes to writing offers on

Foreclosure's and REO properties.

Here is another hint - If you are working with an agent that is

nearby, you might drop off the offer and package in person. Then you

get a chance to see how we used to do real estate dating pre-fax

times. That way you can sit across from the REO Agent and see what is

the happenings with the property so you can tell your client you did

one above and beyond all of the other folks writing on that property.

If you are the offer chosen by the bank - Remember that they are going

to need this going paperless - So in the future it will be necessary

to have the originals returned to the bank. Just an FYI.


This is a trigger point due to some banks not even approving Termite

Work. We are blessed to represent a Bank that does not deny Termite

work to be done. They would not loan on a property that has termite

so they have us prepare all of their assets and get the blessing to

have the work done before escrow closes.


FHA and VA have strict requirements when it comes to their appraisers

that go out to these properties. If it is a true "fixer" then it may

not pass via the FHA or VA guidelines - Make sure you inform your

client of this. Make yourself aware of those guide lines to do so get

it from the Horses Mouth, call your lender and have them catch you up.

Then when you have your introductional meeting - make sure you inform

them and you will then be the Subject Matter Expert earning a Client

for Life.

Working directly with the Listing Agents:

I have to say that this is a difficult spot. We do not inform as to

where we are when we get calls on our REO's for sale. We cannot and

will not hinder someone that wants to buy the property even if we have

a chance to represent the buyer and double our commission. The world

is a small place. We were "normal" agents before this REO market and

will be at its conclusion. Also think about the bank, those Asset

Managers. If you are being up front, as we are, we make it very known

which offers we are representing the buyers on. AS should all REO

agents. I feel that this topic should be covered with your clients to

weed out the possibility and those thoughts creeping up that maybe

they should start working directly with the REO agent.

It is a long process. Some are easier than others. But we have

buyers that we have been working with for dozens of offers now. We

don't stop. We continue with the hopes and and eventually something

sticks. Keep them motivated and never let them see you stress or get

discouraged. Through the passing on of information we can all make it

through this market and survive until the next one.

Connor MacIVOR

RE/MAX of Santa Clarita

The Paris911 Team

25101 The Old Road

Santa Clarita CA, 91381


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SCV Concierge: Santa Clarita's Concierge Service

SCV Concierge ( - it is not just a clever idea but a valuable resource that is all a buzz in Santa Clarita. The product is clean and has your best interests at its core.

If you are looking for a business, by category or other ways - Then this is the resource for you. This resource has started to fill out and will only reflect the tops in the industries and categories that are displayed. is where you can go.

As soon as I can get the code we will have this prominently displayed on our mother site of and on our other affiliate sites so those looking that are members of our huge database and future clients can find what they are looking for without having to use the Trial and Error Approach.

Thank you SCV Concierge - and I wish you Well! -

Connor with HONOR

RE/MAX of Santa Clarita

RE/MAX of Valencia

Home Value

Don't forget to check out out other resources such as searching for Real Estate Like Realtor's do at - We have you six covered with regard to Real Estate.

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Fillmore Foreclosure - Paris911 - RE/MAX of SCV

We just had a Foreclosure which we received the listing packet on related to Fillmore Foreclosures brought to you by The Paris911 Team at RE/MAX of Valencia and RE/MAX of Santa Clarita.

This home is over 1000 square feet with a newer air conditioning unit, heating unit, and newer flooring and paint. The kitchen also has been redone and this home is definitely turn key.

This is also located in a great area of Fillmore CA - The Fillmore Real Estate Market is housed within the Ventura County Coastal Board of Realtors - We are The Paris911 Team with RE/MAX and can be reached at and if you are looking for properties in Fillmore go to and there you will have the option to see what your home or another is worth in about 30 minutes time.

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REO Asset Managers for Banks Foreclosed Assets


In need to Asset Managers and REO accounts to contact when you have assets you need representation on. We have a multitude of Zip codes where we operate within due to our multiple Boards of Realtor Memberships - RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia is our Headquarters and is our mother site. We offer several advantages over the REO agents that are seasonal - We are fully functional Realtors that were before this market and will be after it is long gone. We have a lot of respect running through our veins for the Asset Managers in conjunction with their financial institutions and the hand they have been dealt.

We want it known that our paperless products is hands and tails above the competition and that we answer our calls within a very short time frame with e-mail to be included in that response time.

I am Connor MacIVOR with RE/MAX of Valencia/Santa Clarita and I own and Operate the Paris911 Team.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full moon in Santa Clarita CA Realtor

Not that type of Moon. This is the one in the eastern sky from the Santa Clarita Valley. We operate a Real Estate business in these parts and am happy to still be able to see a full moon in all of it's glory. We have helped people buy and sell real estate in Los Angeles and there were some places you could not see the moon due to the city lights being so bright. However, we still love this town and everything California. That is why we are head quatered here. We live to love ReMax and their business model that I modified to represent Relational Real Estate. That is who we at are, and what we at are about.

"Connor with Honor",

Connor MacIvor

661.400.1720 ~direct

818.282.5772 ~direct

310.990.8475 ~direct

805.338.0161 ~direct

800.760.6911 ~T/F direct


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Asset Managers, we know what you want!!!

I never want it to be said that we did not do what was needed to be done when it come to our helping out of the Banks with the selling off of their assets. We deal quite well with the various Asset Managers from the Banks we are associated with. We are available by phone at a moment's notice, we respond to email very quickly when the asset managers have a request or need some information.

We know how valuable the Asset Managers Time is and we also know how they are extremely over worked. So we don't create any drama on our end and do our job. We eat humble pie as well when it comes to dealing with the Various Asset Managers. We don't have any of that "tude" that presents itself from those agents that are stuck on the past or title themselves "Top Producers". We are not about that, and we know how to keep the Asset Managers happy when it comes to the representing of the Bank.

We have registered on many of the major REO Asset Manager Databases and will continue to provide the best customer service and attention to every detail, even when the customer is the BANK!!!

You have a Friend in CA - If you are an asset manager and want to know where we operate. We are headquartered 8 miles north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita. We are members of 4 Boards of Realtors, we operate in Los Angeles County, Ventura County and all areas in between. Go to to see where we work in more detail and I appreciate you more than you know. We are REO Trans and Trans Net so you can go there and pull our e and o ins, licenses, and other information pertinent to the Bank Owned Properties and securing of an Agent!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Los Angeles Police Department's Thin Blue Line

We have been advertisers amongst Law Enforcement and Fire Departments since I had my Start in Real Estate back in 1998. The men and women I worked along side of and in the trenches, were all very good to me then, and are still currently.

I remained a Full Line Reserve Officer so folks would not think I was fired. Because I resigned after 17 years. 13 of those were spent in the Saddle of a Police Motorcycle - I miss the men and women with whom I served. But now I am able to help them secure their future and their children's via Real Estate.

So my drive is somewhat of being an Employer Based Farmer. I want to work with those that made the years between 1990 and 2007 the best I had ever had.

The Los Angeles Police Department Home Search engines is located at

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Home Search engine is at

The California Highway Patrol's is at

We have a multitude of others for most of the Agencies within the Southern California Area - We serve and protect their real estate interests in the Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond with our Four Boards of Realtors we are members of, We do indeed, have their SIX covered.

Connor MacIVOR with RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and Paris MacIVOR with RE/MAX of Valencia - Serving the Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, Ventura County and the Los Angeles area and all surrounding communities with all Real Estate needs.

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Newhall Foreclosure On Mountain with Huge Views

This home is a fantastically priced home that is over 3400 square feet with a separate guest house on the property. Views are breathtaking with all most all of the View Side of the Home having a huge glass profile.

Sub Zero wine cabinet, cherry kitchen, Monogram Appliances, Video Phones, and two balconies, give this home a great value at 880K. Located in the gated community in Newhall CA - This Bank Owned Foreclosure is bought to you by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and The Paris911 Team which can be found by going to or by checking out the Market Snapshots and Home Value Request Portal brought to you by the partnership of Paris911 and Top Producer Systems. Go to

Have a great day and please give us a call if you want to know more about our REO and Regular Sale inventory or are looking at one of the Areas that we Represent Buyers and Sellers within -

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Simi Valley Foreclosure - RE/MAX of Santa Claria

This fantastic Foreclosure is located in Simi Valley California and is a two story pool home that is at the end of a Cul De Sac. Offered by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and the Paris911 Team, we know what value is and this is it. Priced just a hair over 350K, this home will not last too long.

What is wrong with it you may ask? It does need carpet and paint. The rest of the items, including a previously leaking toilet and the pool will be repaired by this weekend. This is located in Central Simi Valley off Tapo Canyon and the 118 freeway.

I am Connor MacIVOR and I look forward to helping you secure your future via real estate. Thanks for visiting and thank you for the consideration - You can see this virtual tour and other items related to this Simi Valley Home for Sale at our mother site. Also don't forget to check out our market snapshot resource brought to you by our partnership with Top Producer Systems - Thanks.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saugus Foreclosure - Mountain View Courtyard

Here is a new listing we just received, on the market less that 12 hours at this point. A beautiful Mountain View Courtyard Town Home in Saugus California. Brought to you by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and the Paris911 Team.

A three bedroom and 2.5 bathroom with a two car attached - Direct Access - Garage. This home shows light and bright with neutral colors and a wonderfully open floorplan.

Priced by the bank at more than 50K under market, compared to the last comparable that sold, over 1100 square feet with a private back yard as well.

If interested, Please contact Connor or Paris MacIVOR at Re/MAX of Santa Clarita with The Paris911 Team. or check out our toll free number at (877)Paris911.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

What is my home Worth? Re/MAX of Santa Clarita

We have finally had the Market Snapshots built out - Check them out at and at the bottom of our mother site of - We are RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia - Connor and Paris MacIVOR

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