Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeing if we figured out the Glitch...

Don't you love humans. I am one - but the thing that most amazes me is how we associate and assign blame. It is never anything that we personally did to deserve, bequeath, or re-route - It was always the other guys fault.

It never failed - if when I was playing full time Motor Cop - and I pulled over a violator, if they admitted to me what I observed - they were let go.

Because that instance was so extremely rare - that someone actually took personal responsibility for their actions - when I stopped someone that I had a Laser Lock on - after my systems were checked and rechecked, my certificate of validity was updated - if and when they told me that "you know officer you are right - I was driving entirely too fast" "I'll try to keep it down". Those dozen or so times in 13 years and a whole bucket load of citations (until I found my true love - DUI watch) - always threw me back on my heels.

Never personal - just doing a job. Quota's you ask? Against Federal Law to mandate a quota - but "Goals" they had :-) and -

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